Best SaaS Online Form Builder To Choose From

Whether registration, contact, or survey form – online forms are an important part of your website and belong in the toolbox of every marketing professional.

At first glance, forms may sound like officialese and a lot of bureaucracy. But they are an important tool, especially in online marketing, too.

  • Generate leads
  • gather customer feedback
  • learn more about the development in the industry
  • Learn more about the interests of your contacts
  • Conduct market research
  • Manage attendance at your events
  • and much more.

With a professional tool, forms can be created without design skills and programming knowledge.

But which is the best tool when it comes to online forms? The market is large and does not make the decision easy.

Wufoo, HeyForm, JotForm, Typeform, Google Forms, and HeyForm are the 5 most popular tools for creating online forms.

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