How do such long-tail keywords emerge in practice?

In principle, long-tail keywords result from two different scenarios:

Natural language

Human-machine communication has changed significantly, and not just since Alexa and Siri. Search engine queries also increasingly resemble natural language, i.e., made up of a combination of terms. Example: What is actually long-tail keywords.

Precise search phrases

Clever users know exactly what they want, and pack everything essential into their search terms. For example Long Tail Keywords Advantages SEO.

What benefits do long tail keywords offer for SEO?

The basic idea of long-tail keywords is to be at the very top of the generic search with slightly less popular keyword phrases:

  • Long-tail keywords have shorter hit lists. This increases your visibility, which leads to better results.
  • Resulting in visitors knowing exactly what they are looking for. They are relatively advanced in the conversion funnel compared to others.
  • Google Adwords is also often more favorable for long-tail keywords.

Why are long-tail keywords becoming more and more important?

Google’s algorithms are getting better and better at understanding the user’s intention. Therefore, more and more consideration is given to natural language and its semantics. This is also due to the fact that search engines are increasingly controlled by voice input. Whereas text-based searches make do with two to three words on average, voice search uses seven to nine words.

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